Transformational Coaching

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Are you ready to shed the skin of who you have been?

Are truly ready to enter the cocoon of deep transformation and  renewal in order create a passionate, purposeful, abundant life for yourself in service to a greater calling on our planet?

If  you KNOW that are ready to make a bigger contribution, to have more impact in service of healing and transforming the planet we live on then you are in the right place. Because that’s what I am all about!

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If you are reading this then I know one thing for sure- there is no mistake.

I don’t believe in coincidences only a divinely ordered plan. If you are here it’s because we are meant to meet.

If you are here, then you are a woman who is ready to make some big changes!

  • You are ready to transform the pain of the past into the glory of a powerful present and an extraordinary future.
  • You know that in order to grow your life, your business and your relationships you need to grow yourself first.
  • You know that you have hit an edge that you need to grow beyond
  • You know that in order to move forward on your  own soul path then something has to shift, change, be reclaimed, let go of , released, activated or awakened.
  • You know that there “has to be more than this” “there has to be another way”, You know that your soul is calling to you.
  • You know that to birth the part of you that has been gestating you need support, guidance, love, support, safety, deep presence, firm direction and a cocoon to hold you.

So your knowing is wise- and this you know that in order to take this journey you need a guide, a soul midwife …I am here to be that for you. I am an expert transformational coach, and soul midwife with 20 years of grounded practice in spiritual guidance and psychotherapy.What  I bring to you is  my in depth knowledge of the transformational, alchemical  process. I am equipped with maps and navigation systems that help you to not only understand, but trust the often scary process of deep change. I also bring deep presence, unconditional loving,  safety, incredible empathy and quirky humor.  As your soul midwife I am here to here to support you, guide you, hold you, witness you and activate you to birth your full potential in service to the planetary shift that is asking you to show up fully in all that you are!

I am here to walk beside you as you go through the deep transformation

that is needed to birth a new part of yourself into the world

With  an innovative blend of psychotherapy, coaching, education, soul midwifery and creativity I deeply support you to surrender and enter the cocoon of deep transformation and greater than imagined possibilities. Inside you begin to revitalize, reinvigorate, and re-invent your life. Purpose, passion, dreams and living the life you truly want to live are yours – if you open to the beauty, power and presence of who you are. Never before as women have we had so many tools, resources and freedoms to emerge from the cocoon and wake up to consciously evolve ourselves and the world around us. So many of us are realizing that we DO have the power to shape our destiny and usher in a new society — one based on principles of love, cooperation and peace.

The Queens of Transformation alchemical journey is a delicate potently powerful process. Holding you in this journey is my deepest privilege and joy.

The Journey

Level One: The Soul Spa Detox Program Click here for full details

  • Available as an online self study program
  • With the  option for added 1:1 or group coaching

Level Two: Coming Home to the Heart of your Being Program

Level Three: The Queens of Transformation: What Would Make You Move a  Mountain Program

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I can’t wait to meet you so that we can co-create and weave the best way for me to support and inspire you to live your most juicy, alive and invigorated life:  For you to fully show up and step into you deepest calling so that you can take your pace as a midwife of this birth of a new human consciousness.  The time is NOW!

Love and blessings on your journey

Elayne Kalila