Elayne Doughty

My core mission is  to walk beside you as you  awaken, inspire and ground your “greater than imagined possibilities”.

We are living in perhaps one of the most exciting and challenging time of our human history and it is my deepest knowing that each one of us is being called to step into our greater potential. We are all part of co-creating a new story for our planet.  This collective new story begins with our personal healing and transformation.

It is my deepest privilege to  wear a number of different hats in the world in service to healing and transformation ! I am a Psychotherapist (MFT), Creative Arts Therapist (RDT), Trauma Therapist, Women’s Transformational Coach, Speaker and Spiritual Midwife. And on this site you will find the many ways that you can work with me.

Whatever change you may want to see in your own life, in your relationships, in your communities or on the planet- you have to take the first step to look within yourself . Many of us live inside stories of our selves that are founded on self imposed limitations, judgments, fears or constrictions. When we live our lives from with in these narratives we are cut off from our own internal impulse to heal, co-create and innovate.

Our old stories and imprinted experiences create a lot of “internal noise” so we all need to find ways to turn down the volume so that we can start to activate within us the “inner healer” – the part of us that is encoded towards health, well being and creative genius. We all have this  incredible inner capacity towards health, vitality, and greater than imagined possibilities.   The way we activate our own inner healer is to turn the light of loving compassion towards ourselves. When we begin to activate our own hearts we begin to make space to change and grow. In this space we can connect with the ways in which we yearn for a life that is more connected, free, inspired, fun, abundant and meaningful.  A life filled with new possibilities.

We can all create new stories of what is possible for us, for our relationships, and for our planet.

Over the years of working with  many women, men and couples I see that most of us go through some life experiences that are difficult for us to navigate. These are times when our lives seem to fall apart- during a divorce, or a major illness, an addiction,  the loss of a beloved, the loss of a house, to name just a few- these times of transition are scary, and also potentially very powerful. Huge life transitions also offer a chance for us to re-create ourselves- when we are able to re-examine old beliefs, and to literally decide who we choose to now be. What is also true is that when we are in a “healing crises”  we can feel very alone, overwhelmed and frightened- nothing looks like it used to- in these times we quite literally need someone to walk beside us.

Healing and transformation have a certain rhythm and pattern which is usually not clear to you when you are in the midst of it! Over years of practice I have come to know the  that there are phases that naturally and organically unfold when we are held, supported and guided as we go through a deep healing process. The caterpillar has to go into the cocoon in order to transform into the butterfly- We are encoded with the same evolutionary, transformational process.

Whatever way you choose to work with me it is my joy to walk beside you as you find your way through to healing and transformation…as you come home to yourself and embrace your greater than imagined possibilities –

I graduated from The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology (with an emphasis in Drama Therapy).

I have been licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Marriage Family Therapist since 2003. My license number is MFT 39903.

I am a member of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists (CAMFT)